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How is Rubber Resistant to Cold?

May. 31, 2021

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The cold resistance of rubber refers to the ability to maintain rubber elasticity and normal work at a specified low temperature. At low temperatures, the relaxation process of vulcanized rubber is drastically slowed down, the hardness, modulus and intramolecular friction increase, and the elasticity is significantly reduced, resulting in a decrease in the working ability of rubber products, especially under dynamic conditions, when the temperature drops to the elastic limit When the temperature is used, the rubber will harden and shrink, causing the seal to leak and fail.

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper

Choosing raw rubber with good cold resistance is the key to cold resistance. The cold resistance of rubber mainly depends on the type of rubber. For non-crystalline rubber, the glass transition temperature is lower and the cold resistance is better. For crystalline rubber, the cold resistance should consider the glass transition temperature and crystallization.

The influence of fillers on the cold resistance of rubber depends on the structure formed by the interaction of fillers and rubber. Increase the rubber content and reduce the amount of fillers. The addition of fillers will hinder the change of the chain segment configuration and increase the rigidity of the filler. Therefore, it cannot be expected to add fillers to improve the cold resistance of rubber.

In addition, a reasonable selection of softening and plasticizing systems is an effective measure to improve the cold resistance of rubber products. Adding plasticizers can reduce the glass transition temperature of rubber. Polar rubbers such as nitrile rubber and neoprene with poor cold resistance are mainly improved by adding appropriate plasticizers to improve their cold resistance. Because plasticizers can increase the flexibility of rubber molecules, reduce the intermolecular forces, and make molecular segments easy to move, polar rubber should be selected with plasticizers that are similar to its polarity and solubility parameters. The type and amount of softening plasticizers The cold resistance of rubber is very important.

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