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Do you Know the Molding Process Plan of Aluminium Flip off Seal ?

May. 18, 2021

As an Aluminium Flip Off Seal Wholesale, share it with you.

The aluminum-plastic cover is composed of a tinplate cover ring and an aluminum-plastic composite film cover sheet. The corresponding molding equipment must complete the molding of the aluminum-plastic composite film cover sheet, the hot pressing bonding of the cover sheet and the tinplate cover ring, and the embossing process. In view of the past analysis of the schemes adopted for die-cutting and hot-pressing processes of aluminum-plastic cover sheets. The new forming process of aluminum-plastic cover sheet adopts the method of punching and hot pressing. That is, the punching station and the hot pressing station are combined into one, which can well solve the problems of die cutting points and the recycling of leftover materials in the traditional process.

Aluminium Flip off Seal

Aluminium Flip off Seal

Molding process plan of aluminum plastic cover:

The forming process principle of the easy-open lid finished product. In this process, the tinplate cover ring is sent to the positioning station by the feeding device, and the indexing mechanism turns the tinplate cover ring to the punching and hot pressing station; at the same time, the aluminum-plastic film coil is fed intermittently by the uncoiling mechanism. In the punching and hot pressing station, the punching knife rises, and the aluminum-plastic film is punched in a punching manner. Then the mechanism continues to rise, and the punched aluminum-plastic cover sheet is directly pressed onto the tinplate cover ring for two The person performs hot-pressing sealing. The heating device of the station is arranged above the tinplate cover ring. The semi-finished product after hot pressing and sealing is embossed and unloaded in turn by the indexing mechanism, and then the finished product is obtained.

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