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What are the Types of Medicinal Plastic Bottles?

Apr. 27, 2021

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Medicinal plastic bottle covered is an important part of the use of pharmaceutical plastic bottles. Most of the bottle cover is in direct contact with the drug, and the gas barrier, moisture-proof, and pollution. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the exultrophotion of the bottle; on the other hand, it is necessary to prevent any foreign matter from entering the bottle. Most of the pharmaceutical plastic covered with PE, PP is the main raw material. Commonly used is a normal thread cover, which enables a closed function through the threads in the bottle cap.

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The integrated bottle cover is a major raw material for plastic materials, and the integrated combination is a multi-function bottle cap, which has many product categories.

Integrated bottle cover type without gasket sealing reagent bottle

1) The integrated anti-dynamic marking cover is also known as the anti-theft insurance cover; the anti-transmission marking is also known as the anti-vehicle, the auto ring. It is based on the ordinary thread cover, adds a circle skirt on the bottom of the cover and connects with a multi-point connection, when the bottle cover is turned on the bottom of the bottle opening. When the inverted bottle plug, the skirt slap is falling off. Bottle drugs are first enabled first check whether the cover lock is intact, and it can be judged whether or not the plastic bottle is opened, whether the drug is tampered with or steals. The turning torque force that opens the safe cover to smoothly fall off the skirt should be slight and moderate. 

2) Integrated moisture-proof cover is a packaging form of integrating moisture-proof agent and bottle cap, which can reduce the invasion of tide in the process of use. Integrated moisture-proof cover

3) The integrated anti-shaft cap is damaged to prevent the drug such as the capsule, thus integrating the buffer into a packaging form of the bottle cap.

4) Integrated open help cover to increase a packaging form of opening assistant institutions

5) Integrated trademark covered trademark integration with packaging cap

6) Integrated quantitative cover is an integrated quantitative set change

7) The integrated seal system integrates the closed system integration, so that the bottle body must not be reused after use.

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